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1st Request From Paypal-Buyer Complaint

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I’ll try & make this short. I sold a car on ebay 04/25/05 I recieved paypal email 06/02/05 funds held due to buyer complaint. Only final payment was made thru paypal around $1,000.00 They have frozen my paypal account ( I only have 40.00 in it at present time) Can paypal charge my credit card or bank account legally? I can do without paypal with no problems tho. until investigating-sounds to me they have already found me guilty? Reason of complaint-buyer says motor came loose?

Ok the buyer came personally & inspected the car twice once before there test drive & once after on 04/26/05 they were pleased with the car & paid everything except final payment but paid this thru paypal 04/27/05. I do know that when they bought the car the motor was fine they drove it home. They took possesion 04/26/05 & then filed paypal 06/02/05 I know it is just my word against theres. My ebay feedback is over 300-100% I have always tried to do everyone right but do not appreciate paypal sending a threating letter without even hearing my side yet? I guess I will find out Monday. Thanks for your time.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:25 am


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