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21 day hold is causing me hardship.

I have been a paypal customer for more than 5 years. They treat me as though I am a new customer. I recently had 2 disputes for transactions under $10 dollars, and both cases were found in my favor and I was compensated back the full amount of the transactions. now the interesting thing about this is that neither case was related to ebay. But yet they still decided to volunteer my future transactions to be held for 21 days whether it was a ebay transaction or not. Also taking into account that I had a valid bank account on file along with 2 debit checking cards and 2 credit cards that had again been verified but instead of transferring money to the requested accounts and letting the bank be held responsible like they should be (which is one reason I pay banking fees) for transactions they as a non-bank entity can hold your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. Nevermind the fact that they say they will review your case I believe a little past 1 month time, when that time comes they will most likely do absolutely nothing to hold to their agreement and in most cases you won’t even receive an email from the results of said “trial”. Like most I am currently living paycheck to paycheck and do contract work on the side just to pay my bills. I on more than 1 occasion I have almost been evicted for late rent payments due to this hold. I try to account for the hold but you never know when waiting circumstances may occur preventing the release of the funds. I am in high hopes that there will soon be a worthy opponent to paypal. I will be amung the stampede of customers to gladly offer my 100% business.

Posted: May 18, 2012 at 3:25 pm


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5 thoughts on “21 day hold is causing me hardship.
  1. Issac on

    This is how paypal operates. THey hold you money so they can make interest off of it. THis helps them become bigger while hurting all their cutomers

  2. leroy diaz on

    I hate the 21 day hold and their stupid reasoning behind it. And sometimes it is even longer than 21 days. Then once the money is available it still takes a few days to transfer it in to my bank account. I don’t have time or money to wait that long for my money. I need food and place to live but paypal seems to forget about that!

  3. Corey on

    Seems like your another victim of there stupid antics. They seem to be holding everyone’s fund for no damn reason. they do this so they can make more money. This company is BULLSHIT!

  4. James T on

    Wow!!!! This company should be close down. They are always holding people funds in there account. My friend had hers hold for almost of month. They are crazy and very selfish. It is people lives that are being played with. I told my friend as soon as she gets her money to leave them and never go back. There are so many companies out there who will not do this to their clients. All you have to do is click other alternative, and good bye PayPal.

  5. Patrick on

    This is ridiculous. I have been screwed up by this so many times, even lost my car insurance because I was not able to make a payment because FUCKPAL held MY money back from using it to make my payments in the first place. Ok, I get the reasoning behind it – it’s to make sure that I don’t take the money and not ship the item, but 21 DAYS?? And after doing business on Ebay with FUCKPAL for how long? 10 years? And because of that I was forced to LOSE prophit selling shit on Craigsscam and have idiots lowball me under threat of leaving and buying someplace else! I tell you what – should this 21 day hold crap ever put me in any form of hardship again, I WILL start or join a class action LAWSUIT against them.