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$30,000 Frozen By PayPal

By Steve Johns

This is a copy of an actual email that I sent out to all my recent customers. I think everyone should do the same:

Dear Amants By Design Customers,

You all have made a recent purchase from us. On Dec. 27th 2004 we made a request for withdrawal of funds to pay our supplier from Paypal.com.

Twelve minutes later Paypal.com shut down our account with $30,000.00 in it and froze it saying that we had a bad credit report and that they would hold these funds for 180 days and no longer allow us to do business with them ever. These are the payments made by all of you. Thanks to a few customers we were able to recover $7000.00 by giving refunds and having people pay by check or wiring the cash directly to us. These were all people that had not yet received their purchases.

Paypal is not a bank and therefore not under any federal banking guidelines making this legal in their eyes to do, which was unknown to us at the time. Although we feel it is immoral and unethical and should be against the law. We have had one customer complaint sent to them for the entire time we have had an account with them in 4 years of being loyal paypal customers.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:05 am


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