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A Fake PayPal Email

By Keith D. Paul

To those of you who actually sent SECURE information to a link on an email, you deserve what you got. I did. I was stupid enough to reply and got the crap hacked out of me, but that was my fault.  With all the scams going on, the biggest thing is to NEVER NEVER link on an email. Go to your site and sign in, voila, no problems.

That said, I think it’s pretty crappy to blame others for your duping by fake email. ANY company doing business online has jackasses using fake emails and notices to try to get your info.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO VERIFY BEFORE ANSWERING ANY, I REPEAT ANY, EMAIL OR LETTER THAT ASKS FOR INFO OR CLINK ON A LINK TO GO TO.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm


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One thought on “A Fake PayPal Email
  1. Joe B. on

    So true!!!!! I from time to time get these emails with fake links, it makes me so mad. I had actually had to send my computer to repair,
    for it was hacked and, got a virus because , i clicked on my email about rewards from your paypal account. Sucks!! Talking about money down the drain!!! Boy did I learn my lesson. Be wise people!!