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A Fraudulent Sellers Warning To Buyers

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Message Buyers should be aware that both eBay and Pay Pal are one in the same. Both comprising a multi-million dollar a year industry funded by sellers [both legitimate and fraudulent.] Of course both sites use an in-between road or gray area in maintaining legalities while at the same time providing a means for sellers to smoke screen fraudulent activity.

Sellers afterall compensate for the vast revenues of both industries and of course they are going to protect their interest. Ebay provides a means by which a fraudulent seller can change his/her registration information [I can be John Doe in Los Angeles, California]and have funds forwarded to me via Pay Pal most anywhere in the world.

Paypal on the other hand will notify the seller in the event of a transaction dispute..and “get this,”..they will allow a seller to choose what contact info to disclose in the event of a legal investigation! Meaning that when a buyer should choose to take legal action “papers are being served to the wrong person and in the wrong state or country.” It is however imperative that a seller should always be able to provide a tracking number [you cannot just send nothing.]

A seller need only search the web for a company whom will ship and likewise provide a tracking number. On a broader perspective lets compare shoplifting to writing a bad check, both can imply to obtaining goods or services however both constitute adverse penalties.

Buyers should also note that if they should be able to positively identify the perpetator and care to pursue the matter, they should ultimately be prepared to travel to the sellers home state for proceedings and trial. My best advice to buyers is to keep bidding at a minimum [$300.00 or less]and bid only what your willing to possibly lose in the event of a fraudulent transaction. As far as the BBB, FTC, FBI, etc. “forget it!”

A seller can scam 3-4 times a year [large amounts]with minimal attention. If a seller subscribes to www.evilmail.com he may have an untraceable email and isp address or worse “he may be operating from a lap top.” If the seller is outside the U.S. your doubley out! Top U.S.fraudulent sellers constantly search auctions for foriegn bidders. When they find an auction closing at say $4500.00 with a high bidder in Europe, most certainly they’ll save the picture of the item and relist it as their own [fraudently] the following week.

I am not really a fraudulent seller, however the perspective will definitely draw watchers to my story. Pay Pals so called “Buyer Protection” is a farse to gain users confidence. If the seller can provide a tracking number “your on your own!” Or if it was a $5000.00 purchase “whats a $1000.00 Buyer Protection?” Common sense will tell anyone “bid with reservations when not viewing the item first hand and bid only what you can afford to lose!” I must be closing now..”shop wisely.”

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:58 am


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