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A PayPal Investigation

By Tom

I sold something on Ebay, one time in my life and received payment through Pay Pal. The person paid with a credit card and I was sent an email from pay pay saying I had to upgrade to a premier account to accept this payment. That cost me a fee to do this but I did it. 30 days later Pay Pal informs me that I owe the 325.00 because a stolen credit card was used to complete the transaction. I asked how is this my fault and they said I should be more careful about accepting payments. They said they would do an investigation and get back to me.

Of course after the investigation I still owed the money. I had absolutely no input. I asked how could I have verified anything in the whole transaction and they had no answer. I was repeatedly told this is my problem and to deposit money to cover the chargeback. They informed me that they were covered by the agreement you accept whenever you accept a payment, which if you read it you are pretty much responsible for anything that happens. It’s not very safe or secure using Pay Pal. I did not put money back into the account and they will not let me close the account either. Now, they have sent the account to collections with NCO financial…. anotherr low life company with numerous lawsuits against them. If anyone wants to email me you can at ppsucks@adelphia.net

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:21 am


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