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Absurd Alert

By Chris

I just recently logged into my account to look at merchant services. A couple days later, I got a notice that the account was “limited” which is just like some people were saying before. Sad thing for them is, there is no money in my paypal account, so those asses aren’t getting anything from me!

Their “alerts” and stuff are without merit: there had been no activity in my account, they just want my information and money… heh.

Of course, I found alternatives like 2checkout.com and others that I can trust more.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:19 pm


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One thought on “Absurd Alert
  1. Baye Ten on

    Smart move, at least with you they weren’t making or taking any money. I had an account with them and was doing pretty good. One day I open my email just as well and they advise me that they were going to close my account for suspicious activity. I was really upset, with that, so I decided to call them up. After about 30 mint wait, got a hold of a representative and they said due to back to back high ticket purchases. I had about a thousand dollars in my PayPal account and they are holding on to it. I am trying to fight to get my money back. I will never recommend anyone to use their services again.