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Can’t access my account or get help from PayPal

I try to log in. Pass word invalid. use the form for not remembering password. gives me link via email. Askes me security questions I’ve never submitted. of course I don’t answer them correctly because I know they dont have the right answers to them. but then the form sits in stagnation and doesn’t allow me to move forward through another set of questions from a personal operator or suggest a phone number to call so I can speak to someone and they can go over the original file with me so I can explain the changes that haven’t been recorded in the past few years because life actually does happen between paypal visits or so I’m to understand. extremely frustrated! Visa on line used to be it, but for some reason you monkeys have intercepted everything. your systems dont even come close to operating when there is a descrepincey and its why I try to never ever use paypal. unfortunately now i need to make a purchase and the company that im purchasing from uses paypal exclusively. please help me figure out how to restore my account so that it operates!!!! my appologies for being so irrate. I promise to treat you with respect if you follow through with this request.

Posted: September 16, 2013 at 6:11 pm


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One thought on “Can’t access my account or get help from PayPal
  1. Carolyn Mollica on

    I am unable to log in or get a new account with Paypal because the e-mail doesn’t match what is on record. Please allow me to register a new account!