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Attack On Scammers

By Mike

I’m the anti-christ of spam in Europe. I do very little else in my spare time than attack spammers, inform the international Internet crime agencys and get this scum element arrested. Heres my problem! Jeff d.jorden(PAYPAL director since dec04) has started to except the 6$ make $6000 spam mail $1 dollar paypal accounts! This criminal is openly excepting cash for spammers and paying them commission for the new clients via this major banking fraud. I’m now up against a very powerful company, and I need your help to reel this J. Jorden in! He is a criminal, and I want his company and his credibility to colapse. You would like this! I know! But I must find his details,, his office e-mail, tel# and in which of the e-bay-paypal offices he sits in! Please help me to bring this company down.. More info? need to see a another new scam using paypal? just ask me! I beg you to help me…


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:49 am


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