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Avoid PayPal at all cost if you can

I opened a claim regarding a product I purchased that was badly damaged and a fraudulent product. The ad stated it was in perfect condition. I opened the claim and was not given a way to upload pictures. I called and the rep said if they needed more info they would get a hold of me. They didn’t. They denied my claim.

I called again and was told to email the pictures and they would upload to my case. Then I received an email stating they don’t accept pictures by email, I have to do it on the website. Now, there is a button and I can upload my photos. They ‘reviewed’ and denied my claim again saying that it is as described. I called yet again. They reopened. Another email denying the claim because I had not supplied a letter from an authorized retailer/company regarding the damage.

I emailed a letter from a retailer, and a letter from the manufacturer stating it was a fraud. I attached them to the case and then received an email denying my claim because I did not get the retailer letter on letterhead. So I uploaded another letter on letterhead. Then an email denying my claim because they don’t allow attachments from the website. It must be faxed with their cover page. So I did that.

Then I was granted a refund but to get that refund I had to ship the item back with direct signature required. The email said once I uploaded the tracking information I would be refunded. I could not upload on the website so I called and gave the tracking number. The rep verified that I followed all directions. What next? I got an email denying my claim because I did not follow directions, which I did. Then they said I cant get a refund until the seller receives the shipment. Ok, fine. The seller refused shipment so I called back and they lied and said repeatedly that it is still on it’s way and hasn’t been delivered. It took me more than 15 minutes to get them to admit that Fedex clearly showed it was refused.

Then another email stating that I have not provided proof of shipping, another denial. Now the rules were that I had to scan my paper receipt and email that. Then they denied it again because they said I didn’t send it in. I called and argued with them for over an hour before they finally admitted that I did provide it. Now they will give me a refund. This was a really frustrating and scary transaction. With $2500 on the line, this was a terribly long ordeal. Avoid PayPal at all cost if you can.

Posted: April 28, 2014 at 6:16 pm


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