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Bloody PayPal Bastards

By Paul Bottomley

bloody paypal have had us both over

£2500+ off of me and £1500 + of my brother. We have now got to wait 6 months as they say we are a problem and we are both a risk to paypal, but I’ve noticed your site is only from the states. Is there anything we can do from the uk to sort these out as not only did they freeze me, they froze my brother of over £6000+ first which left him in debt to DHL. So they won’t send any more parcels out that lead to people saying where my parcel. So they wanted there monies back which is fair. The goods were in stock, so he had no problems there. It took them 3 months of messing and false promises that he would be back trading again. Now there are 5 extra people on the dole because of them, and they say we are a risk. How dare they ..

All the best from the uk and to every one who has been ripped off by paypal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:57 am


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