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Buyer’s Blackmail Using PAYPAL

By Lee

I’ve recently learned in almost 2 years on ebay and accepting paypal since day 1 in over 300 paypal tranactions and over 400 on ebay that there is a trend from buyers to use the “buyer’s Protection” as extortion or blackmail as a means of price fixing or price adjustment as it’s become public knowledge of how paypal works.

It’s easy as I’ve found as a seller, the ebay buyer bidder just pays what ever you ask as long as it’ paypal, then once the item is received about two or three weeks as paypal allows up to 45 days from end of auction to file such claim, the buyer files a “Not As Described” claim, Paypal upon such notice takes the full amount included shipping from your account without cause or regardless if your claim is valid or not, the buyers today know this and now since paypal will take up to 180 days to “review your case” or in some cases even more time, the buyer knows this and is in control as the buyer now has the power to “drop the case” and paypal will then and only then return your money as they will not look at your evidence that this is a false claim.

My last case was that I sold an unique item, the item was signed for , the buyer then became the seller of this item on ebay 18 days later and he was asking more money than he paid me for the item, as a matter of record his auction listings for ten days show the unique item as %100 as listed according to his listings and my original listing, he had no luck selling on ebay so he then filed a paypal “Not as Described” case with paypal that allowed paypal to take $500 from my account, then I received an email from the buyer asking for $200 in order to drop the case, he was not interested in sending the item back, just a “after the fact” price reduction and was holding my paypal account as hostage in order to get it.

After 10 days of emails to paypal with clear proof that the buyer filed a false case with paypal I’m still out $500…..Paypal is making it possible for fraud on part of buyers against sellers, After almost two years of good business with paypal they treat me like I’m the bad guy and I’ve done nothing wrong….I really hate paypal….

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:22 am


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