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Buyers Using PayPal to Scam Sellers

By Julie

I sold several items through Ebay during the Christmas holidays to get money for my kids’ Christmas presents. Everybody paid through PayPal, as it was the only form of payment I was accepting at the time (stupid me).

The first week of January, I received two emails from PayPal stating that two buyers had reported that they did not receive their items. Since I had shipped everything UPS, I wasn’t worried since I had valid tracking numbers, right? Well, you guessed it. I sent the information to PayPal right away and received emails back stating that they HAD received my timely reponse and were “investigating”. This was the last I heard from them until over three weeks later, when two emails appeared stating that they had REFUNDED both these buyers’ money from my account.

I then received another email stating that my account balance was negative and that I needed to bring it back up right away. I immediately appealed the refunds using the USELESS appeal button in their email. The next day I received emails stating that I would have to get my refunds from the buyers, as “PayPal was no longer involved”! This has led to a series of emails to which PayPal has responded with their usual brain-dead replies:

“We need tracking numbers”; “you need to file an appeal” (long after I had filed and been rejected); “you failed to respond to the buyer’s claim” (totally untrue); why don’t you get in contact with the buyers?; and, finally, “we are a reputable company in compliance will all applicable laws and will be happy to respond to any agency complaints you may make.”

Fortunately, reading some of the other complaints here, it appears that I didn’t lose too badly, as it was $200. Unfortunately, I simply can’t afford the $200, my account is now on “limited access”, meaning I can’t send or accept payments, and I keep getting emails from PayPal wanting “their” money! I have even seen posts elsewhere from buyers telling others how to use this method to get items for free off Ebay!

It seems all they have to do is claim they didn’t get the package and PayPal will send them your money, too. Valid delivery confirmation doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’m seriously considering the Small Claims Court route that I saw listed here, since I can prove that they took out the funds weeks after the packages were delivered. PayPal sucks!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:36 am


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One thought on “Buyers Using PayPal to Scam Sellers
  1. Greg Brown on

    My customer deposited a large sum of money recently for remodel work my company did on her home. She wanted to pay by credit card and since I have a paypal account I told her to deposit through paypal. I sent her a reciept asking for funds through paypal and she immediately paid in full. My problem begins here, Paypal charged me 219.00 for the transaction and then said it would take up to 3-4 business days until the money reached my bank account. Paypal is charging you for their service first ( I have no problem with that fee, same as most credit card merchants), my problem is the amount of interest they are making off of us their client while we wait for funds to reach our accounts. This has to be some type of fraud to double dip our money so that they may reap the rewards and continue ripping us off. Please respond if any one has information on how paypal works..