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Cancellation Of PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

A couple of days ago I went into the PayPal web site. Boy, am I sorry! I hadn’t read anywhere about the cost, but Thought I could get to them via web site or Telephone. Checked out the entire web site, but couldn’t contact them as every way they spoke of reaching the correct instructions…..they all never worked. I then tried to cancel by using their toll free phone number and found out from the operator it was not active. I had dialed within the time limit they gave for contacting them.

Maybe I should also mention that I decided to cancel at the place in their instructions when the trial demonstration was given. I had filled in my ph. number and e-mail address only. I didn’t finish any more info lines. I quickly deleted the box leaving all of the other lines vacant, including the “I Accept” line. Without the “I accept Line” filled in I felt that I hadn’t completed the transaction.

Well I was wrong. They e-mailed me the next day and thanked me for my business. I replied back to their E-mail right away telling them I didn’t join. I got another e-mail message ignoring what I said.

My next action was to go onto the web site and read up on cancelling. It would work with a few of the fill-ins, but it got me nowhere. Before I knew it they were thanking me again for my business. It was just a go around all over again.

They did have a Toll-Free Phone Number that you could reach them with if you have problems. I couldn’t get through. I contacted my local teephone operator who told me it was not a valid phone number.

Doesn’t that beat all. I am sure I will be billed soon.

Thanks for letting me let off steam. I’m not finished with them yet. I now can see I have been taken.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:07 am


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