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Can’t Shut Down PayPal Account

By Christie Drakeley

When I tried to set up a PayPal account, their system tanked after I had given them my account information. They sent me an email and said that they had sent money to my acount. It wasn’t there. I asked them nicely in several emails to close the account and NEVER use my information again. They told me to log onto the account to shut it down. I couldn’t log in. It was broken from the time they had tried to set it up. Numerous emails requesting that they shut down my account. They refused. I got really nasty. No effect. By God they had my info and if I didn’t do it their way, then they would hang on to it. Still fighiting with them.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:12 am


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One thought on “Can’t Shut Down PayPal Account
  1. W Davies on

    Unable to contact paypal therefore unable to stop a payment since password and email not recognised so no purchase made