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Contact The Seller/Buyer Directly

By Daniel

In august of 2004, i purchased a “new” set of motorcycle fairings for a motorcycle of mine i was restoring. The auction sold for $850.00 and was delivered in less than a week. The boxes were in good condition but the fairings and gas tank were cracked, dented, and the paint was peeling. I made a dispute with paypal, squaretrade, F.B.I., and the sellers local police department. Squaretrade says they don’t handle anything with paypal due to the many complaints, the F.B.I. didn’t answer, and the local police don’t handle internet fraud. On the other hand, paypal responded to my dispute by saying the they cannot contact the seller and therefore the dispute is closed with no refund. THIS WAS NOT DISPUTABLE!!

Obviously, you can create an ebay and paypal account and sell a bunch of goods. you are not required to have any proof that your name and address are true except for the bank account. a P.O. box can be used for the bank account and money can be sent. once the money is is, you can close the bank account and walk away from everything with a pocket full of money.

I believe that paypal should be held responsible for all money transfers even though they don’t see the goods. they are the middle-man with all money transfers and are setting themselves up for some very large lawsuits. I am no longer with ebay or paypal and strongly advise everyone to contact the seller/buyer directly and be very careful with these companies.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:24 am


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