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Do Not Sell To People Outside The U.S.

By George


First off, I just want to say I am merely writing to share my paypal horror story, and to warn people who might fall into the same trap that I did.

I used to sell items on ebay, and paypal was one of my accepted payments along side with bank checks. For two years I (April 2001-April 2003), I mostly just sent money to sellers when I mostly purchased on ebay, and never had any problems.

But in April 2003, I was still fairly new at selling on ebay, I got put into a (resolution status), restricting my activities in paypal until further notice.

I had sold a laptop computer to a gentlemean from Austrialia, and we agreed to ship it federal express and payment in full, but when he only sent me half the money, I balked shipment, and tried to refund him his $750, but he filed a complaint with paypal stating I tried to scam him. The date he filed the complaint was only 2 days after he sent me the $750. Mean I had a few other items that were in transit to other buyers,(all of them were provided tracking numbers), whom got emails from this austrailan guy to file complaints against me which they did, and thats when all the money I had in paypal which was about $5000 give or take $100, was frozen.

I tried repeatedly trying to reach paypal, and of course having trouble finding where they’re number was. They gave some bs line that i had to prove that all the transactions were legit.

So the real horror began when these people demanded they’re money back and I couldnt get paypal to refund and ended up having to consule my father and some friends to come up with almost $6000 to refund them,

After I refunded all the customers, I sent sent paypal copies of the cancelled, for proof of payment. For several months I tried contacting them and got lots of resistance, so I gave up, but felt that i should at least put in my two cents worth.

Some where in May, paypal managed to garnish $500 from my friends checking account, claiming that $500 i sent him ( which was a gift and not a business transaction) they claimed that the $500, i sent to them was fraudulent. Which had absolutely nothing to do with ebay. So I’ve managed to pay them back. But the point is is that, paypal seems to have more power than the IRS, when your money is in they’re hands. I just hope that enought complain to put them out of business or to shape up.

Thank you for letting share,


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:10 am


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