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Ebay Payment Deception

By Bob

I made a purchase on eBay and used the PayPal as I have done in the past. I happened to notice that the source designated was my bank account. I was going to cancel the payment when I discovered that there was an option to select the credit card or the bank. I switched it to the credit card and submitted the payment. When I got the confirmation of payment, there was a veiled tone that something was not right. I foraged through the PayPal site and found that they had indeed snatched the money from my bank. I called customer service and they said nothing could be done since the transaction was in progress. The electronic wire transfer needed up to 4 days to complete. My bank wanted $20 for a stop payment and did not assure me that it would work.

An excellant case of consumer be screwed. The banking laws allow this to happen. Probably hundreds of millions at twenty dollars at a case. Too small to fight. The bank was never verified and in fact the next day PayPay sent an email to beg for verification. I don’t ever want my bank debitted, but there is no way to block such an action. Government corruption allows this theft.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:12 am


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