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Fraudulant Charge Back

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Pay Pal put me through hell for 8 months regarding a fraudulant chargeback they imposed upon my account. I sold a valuable, collectible comic to some creep in Canada on Ebay last October. I sold Mr. P. (not using his real name) a mint valuable comic. I sent him 32 pictures of this comic before he purchased it to help him decide.

Mr. P. received my comic he copied my pictures and turned around and sold the comic for $800. Mr. P. ended my auction with buy it now and did not pay the buy it now price of $300. Rather than relist the comic and pay fees I agreed to accept $250 for this collectible comic.

Mr. P. put in a claim to Pay Pal on 10/11 1754658RN8421941 that “ITEM WAS NOT AS DESCRIBED”. Pay Pal has records of this. Pay Pal dismissed this and did not reimburse Mr. P. This creep got mad and a month later opened another dispute with Pay Pal and told his credit card company that “HE NEVER RECEIVED THE ITEM”.

I sent Pay Pal a Proof of Delivery ER144568725US sent Express Mail with the the United States Post Office. I spent $18 to overnight this to him by Express Mail. I sent Pay Pal all copies of emails he sent to me proving that he had the comic and the scam he pulled, getting his money back on a false claim and reselling the comic for $800. Pay Pal said they needed 90 days to investigate this. Pay Pal stuck me with the $275 chargeback even though they know he lied. I was not protected by the “Seller Protection” policy because he lives in Canada and had an unconfirmed address! How screwed up is this stupid rule?

His credit card company knows he lied as well. He called my house ranting about how he made a profit off me, Ebay and Pay Pal!! Pay Pal supposedly sent all my emails and proof to his credit card company regarding this false chargeback. Pay Pal did not fight for me knowing he committed fraud. They won’t even give me copies of any emails I sent on this dispute or give me the name of his credit card company so I can fight this on my own.

I found out by calling Pay Pal on 1/26 that I lost this dispute. They never sent me emails or a letter in writing. I got the shaft all the way around. Mr. P. defrauded Ebay, Pay Pal, his credit card company and made a profit of reselling my comic for $800 and he gets away with murder!

He is a scam artist and took advantage of the system. Just because he lives in Canada I get an unfair chargeback. I had a good history with Pay Pal and I refused to pay any undue balance that this scam artist caused my account. I even filed a complaint with the police but it was not in their jurisdication and there was nothing they could do. Pay Pal will only give my record of this to the police via a subpoena.

I was even getting harrassed by a collection agency for what he did to me! Finally in 6/04 I miraculously saw that Pay Pal credited back that chargeback off my account with no email or explanation or an apology to me! I will never use or trust Pay Pal again for what they did to a long time loyal Customer that I used to be. PAY PAL SUCKS BIG TIME!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 4:52 am


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