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Fraudulent Access

By Brandon

About a year ago I kept a Paypal account to both buy and sell merchandise through Ebay. I hadn’t used my account in some time so I was alarmed when I received an email from Paypal stating that my email and password had changed. I immediately contacted Paypal as I suspected a mistake or potential fraud. However, within 24 hours of the email, my account had been transferred into the hands of an unknown user and my own access had been denied.

The next day, I tried using the debit card associated with the account I keep listed with Paypal and found that it was being declined due to insufficient funds. I contacted my own bank and found that over $1500 had been withdrawn from a source known only as Paypal. The bank was able to immediately put stop payments on all withdrawals and lock my bank account.

After, I contacted Paypal to find out who/what/how and was directed to their fraud department (I believe that is what they called it then). The gentleman I spoke with could do nothing more than tell me that he would look into the issue…(by the way, while talking to Paypal, the user who accessed my account tried making an additional transaction). They locked the account but the impending issues I had to deal with after both with my bank and with Paypal were not worth having it in the first place. The bank was able to reverse charges and clear my account but Paypal never allowed me access to my own account after that. Even after repeated requests to do so. Additionally, Paypal has a policy (or did anyway) that once certain information is logged into their system and associated with an account, it can never be used again. Your address, bank account numbers, etc. Can not be in two accounts…yet they don’t permanently delete locked accounts so your information is still in their system.

But the issue became that they easily allowed someone else access without verifying the validity or paying close attention when the real owner stepped up and said “something is fishy”.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:32 am


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