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Fraudulent Sellers On eBay Using PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hi, we are in Canada and at our wits end as to what to do about Paypal’s disservice to us. We purchased $4G worth of merchandise from a seller who is fraudulent. Didn’t get the merchandise, contacted all buyers of their large dollar auction and found same thing (either buyers got nothing or they got severely misrepresented goods).

We had filed claims on Paypal for non receipt. all of a sudden 10 boxes show up with 725 records in them (this is records that we bid on), one auction was for 600 records, second auction for 800 records and third auction for 800 records (hence 3 auction with 2200 records involved).

So we figured we had 1 misrepresented item case and 2 non receipt cases. Paypal closed all three, saying that because we rec’d something it is our problem and the problem of Ebay and nothing to do with them?? Seller is using a rented mail box for an address. Phone number is a Sprint mail box answer machine (one buyer from Rhode Island did get an answer and person who answered hung up on him).

Paypal will release no contact information on seller (we actually got the phone number and address from Ebay). When seller was reported to Ebay they were kicked off in a matter of a few short hours. Paypal is totally non cooperative, yesterday alone I spent over 1 hour on the phone in the day time and 1.25 hours in the evening … got no where and talked to 4 reps besides being transferred to a final “team leader supervisor” who sounded like a crabby child and provided no information. Said because we got something cases were totally closed, and it was not their problem to resolve, they said call Ebay.

Well I have emailed Ebay some of the info from Paypal and am awaiting a response from them. Paypal acct is linked to my Visa, hence I filed a complaint with Visa and they are investigating. Could take another 30 days (this started on Jan 1/05) to complete their investigation. Paypal has not provided any tracking information to me to date for any items. In the beginning they provided some numbers which were non trackable (USPS), turned out to be the insurance information numbers on the 10 boxes that arrived (725 lp’s).

They checked their file last night and discovered that yes in deed they had provided us with ZERO tracking or proof. Then they said it would be another 2-3 days to send to us?? (that is if they have it). Can’t understand how they can close a dispute just like that without even checking themselves for information. The Canadian and USPS post offices told us there was no tracking paid for on the boxes we rec’d.

We highly doubt after this much time has elapsed that the seller every intends to ship the rest of the records. They spend just over $400 shipping what was shipped, we paid seller $880 USD for shipping (Paypal said that they could care less about that). They are like talking to a wall and have treated every buyer who has a complaint we have been in contact with in this same manner.

All buyers bid on high quality merchandise (descriptions were baited along with colored photographs on the auctions), and got extremely poor and unsellable merchandise shipped to them. Seller pulled pictures off auctions shortly after they ended (we managed to copy one of the 3 pictures from our auctions). Seller also relisted our auction (one of them) and another buyers too after they were paid for on Paypal and pulled auctions when we emailed to ask what the hell was going on. We filed a complaint on the Canadian RCMP fraud site, got a reply too small $$ for them to bother with. Filed on FBI site along with other sellers, got no response to date.

Filed last night on the USPS site to advise them what is happening. Can you please suggest what we can do here. Came across your site and could not believe the information against Paypal and what they have gotten away with. One of the buyers from Portland thinks perhaps we should do a class action suit against Paypal. We are sitting again awaiting info from Ebay (I doubt they will do anything, after all they own Paypal).

Only thing that may save us is if our Visa company sticks to their guns and puts the screws to Paypal. We have no problem paying for premium stock ( which is what we bid on and hoped to receive). I have a huge problem paying that kind of money for total junk (dirty – smelly- water damaged- moldy merchandise that looks like it was stored in an awful filthy environment for a long time) that I will have to put in the garbage as it is of no use what so ever.

Please HELP US! Please get back to me so I can communicate with all the other buyers involved with this horrific seller.

Thank you very much.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:55 am


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