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Fruadlent charge to my AMEX

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Can anyone help me contact Palpal with a fraudulent charge to my AMEX account made today. They (PayPal) notified me of this charge via an e-mail. I have not used PayPal in months and months. I cannot get through to them using the website they sent me. Do they have a telephone number? I have alerted my AMEX card people to put a stop on this charge ($278.99), but it has not yet appeared on my account so they can do nothing today and suggested I call them again tomorrow, but they noted my call on my account for future reference. I would so appreciate any help you can suggest to get in touch with PalPal to discuss this fruadlent charge. And thank you so mcuh for this site. I would never have believed such things were going on. Thank you so much.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:19 am


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