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Funds Back to Buyer

By Kevin

I was the “recipient of fraudulent funds” in which i sold an item that was sent to russia.  Apparently I’m not covered under the seller protection policy because the biggest contry in the world, Russia, isn’t a “paypal country.”

I sold a used computer on ebay and the auction was won, he gave me the address in Russia to send the item to, so once i recieved all my $ in paypal, i shipped the item the following week, through USPS global express. Over a month went by (well after i deposited my $595.00 into my bank acount) before they told me that “I may have been a recipeient of faraudulent funds” and then once they decided that i was, they reversed the transaction and sent the money back to the buyer.?????!  leaving my papal account at -$577.00.  I guess typically this would be a stollen credit card issue, but why a month later am i getting screwed and not a week later.

I’ve gone through paypal representatives through email and i then called paypal and talked to a Resolution Services representative taked about my situation.  The only thing he could tell me was that Russia wasn’t covered under the seller protection poilicy and could only give me alternatives, like sell items and that’ll bring your paypal acount up from negative dollars, huuu!!?.  I didn’t threaten to go to small claims, but i should have tried, sounds like this guy has a significant possition in Resolutions Services, but he couldn’t do anything for me.

I’m not gonna even try to contact the buyer, i guess there were indications that he was a fraudlent buyer, because a few days after the item was sent (a week after the money was put in my paypal acount) his ebay didn’t exist, whatever i had gotten my money and had just deposited it into my bank acount.

The fact of the matter is, I think payapl really messed up on this one. Again, why would they tell me this a month later, at that point it should be there problem.  I’m a college student in Boston with just enough $ to get me through the semester, and no income at the moment.  If i can’t do something about my -$ in the paypal acount in 90 days, it’s going to start wrecking my credit.  If there is anyone that can help me out with this issue without making it way blown out of porportion please email me and I thank you very much.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 8:49 am


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