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Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I am in the process of getting charged back $1200.00…I had a bad feeling about the buyer I sold to but thought I might have some protection since I had many pictures of the perfect item I sent out. I got paid, withdrew the $$ electronically to my checking acct and shipped…The buyer filed a dispute for item not as described and paypal immediately placed a temporary hold on my funds (not taken back out of my account yet, though, thank god). Paypal offered to let me refund 500 dollars to this jerk and let him keep the item. I refused, so Paypal started it’s “investigation” wherein nothing at all was asked of me, just a very friendly email 3 weeks later: “We have decided in favor of the buyer. Thank you for authorizing us to debit your account to provide the buyer with his refund, which we will do as soon as he provides us with tracking #’s.”

Forget it, I’m out. I had no say in this ridiculous non-investigation and who knows what condition my item is in now. I had unlucky intuition when the ‘investigation’ started and thus closed and/or reported lost/stolen all credit cards and bank accounts I ever let them see in 5 years. You may think you have “removed” an account, but they still have it. I am planning to refuse the item when it comes and get ready to fight paypal and this jerk (who is a PASTOR for God’s sake and threatened me with “the powers that be”). I was an idiot to trust paypal as a legitimate financial institution in the first place. I barely trust banks. Read the posts from paypal ex-employees on paypalsucks.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:22 am


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