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Get Verified …so they can Direct Debit CHECKING

By Jill

I was purchasing a reather nice Item online recently …I was with paypal a very long coiple of years without (verifying) as I went to make the purchase it gave me a message that said verify so I fugured what the heck I will verify ..little did I know that even if I have myt credit card as the the primary source of funds ..it will always be my bank account that gets direct debited for any purchase I chose to make …I asked for clarification on this issue from an agent on the phn after a rather annoying prompt to attempt to doffuse a customer concern thru voice prompted rebuttals..I spoke with an agent who told me they could do nothing about the issue ..I told them to remove the charge from my bank account ,…they couldnt ..I was told pay pal is a user initiated service …I am getting unverified just as soon as the transaction clears my bank …Pay pal is worthless….

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:27 am


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