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Getting Rich Off PayPal

By Yaakov

Hello every one i am writing to tell someone to close paypal down!!! This is my story as a college student i am trying to make some money on ebay in order to get my way through college. I have had a businness for some time buying and selling cell phones for people who need new ones or are going over seas. One day my account access is limited do to recent activity so i go with the process send in social security card and more still no response. During this whole time I have no idea why they limited my account until one day i got so mad on the phone with paypal that they told me i was linked to an account with the same first name address and computer ip address. I asked them what the email was and they gave me my good friends email address! When I confronted my freind he said yes his account is limited cause he sold his laptop on ebay for $900 to someone in Russia. The buyer asked him via email to mail it to a different address in Russia and so he did tracking number and all! The buyer then went ahead and told paypal someone else used his account to send money. So paypal went ahead WITHOUT VERIFICATION and reversed the funds now since he took the money out of his account he was left with a negative balace and refuses to pay so they linked all accounts with the same address (College address)  computer ip adress (schools computer) and first name which we happen to have the same! My luck! Good idea anybody in Russia go buy things and tell them to send it elswere youll be rich in no time! In the mean time i have opened an account under a fictious name and about a year later they caught on and limited that too so now I’m stuck ready to file in small claims any advice you can email me at simcell@gmail.com



Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:17 pm


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3 thoughts on “Getting Rich Off PayPal
  1. Kelly on

    you know what? stories like this just suck! your a poor kid trying to make a buck to put yourself through school and you get burned by paypal. It use to be that you could do simple shopping and selling online without worries. What has happened to society and these large heartless corps?

  2. Joseph Reynolds on

    Personally, my days of paypal shopping are through. I hate that company. I had some douche bag sell me a fake watch and paypal refused to give me my money back. I thought only buyers get burned but I guess sellers take it up the ass too. I wish I would have used my capital one card instead of my debit, I called my bank and since I did receive a product there was nothing I could do. Paypal does nothing but harm people who try and honestly transact using their services. I’m sorry to hear about your story :/

  3. Serena on

    Did eBay suspend your account? I am suspended for absolutely no reason! I lost all my revenue, my business was online based. I needed to discover a solution. At the conclusion I am back again for real.