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Half-Ass Investigation

By Greg

We sold an x-ray film processor to a dead beat in New York who claimed to be a doctor. The terms in our ad on ebay was buyer was responsible for all shipping costs. He won the auction, then calls our office to find out what the shipping cost will be. When he finds out, he complains. I told him he could arrange his own shipping then. He then decides to go with our freight company.

Once we ship the processor from CA to NY, he refuses shipment because he wants the freight company to basically install the machine. They tell him for $250 more, they will provide him the extra service (which he is responsible for all shipping costs).

He then demands I pay the added costs. I told him we would not. He continues to refuse the shipment, so the freight company begins charging our company daily storage fees.

Finally, we had gone from $475 shipping on this processor he bought for $500 (which was actually worth closer to $1500) to nearly $800. I had the freight company ship the processor back before it cost more just to get it back and lose all the shiping fees we had paid already.

He files a complaint with paypal and they initate an “investigation.” They requested minimual info concerning tracking, but I sent several emails to them with details and telling them that I even had a contract signed by this guy prior to shipping the a agreed with our return policy and agreed he could not dispute any problems through his credit card company or paypal. They never asked for any documents.

I checked the account today (a few months after this all started) and I was shocked to see that the case was “closed” two weeks ago, finding in the buyer’s favor and removing $1000 from my account. They stated in their findings there was insufficient proof provided by me concerning the item actually being shipped.

And of course, as it says in this website, you can’t find a way to contact them.

Paypal is a complete rip off and should be put out of business.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:02 am


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