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Help With PayPal Problem

By Glen Frohman

I read the article u wrote about paypal and then decided to consider the alternative option at the bottom where the link to the merchant thing is.  however.. my question is this… i would like to get a credit card myself and i dont have one. i got a temporary one via a pharamacy in the usa.. im in ohio. but they charge too much and there are hidden fees that make it worthless to me to use these cards. i have one or two small bad things on my credit report but perhaps u know of a way to get a credit card where i dont have to pay a lot of fees etc.  i thought u of all people would be able to help me.  apparently someone was able to get a cc in my name a year or so ago and charged it up to $5000 but i was able to get this removed from my credit report about a year ago and wish to find a way to get my own credit card.  thanks for your time.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:00 am


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