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Hijacked By PayPal

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

11/20/20004 – Call paypal to dispute Unauthorized access to my account caused a person to send himself 2 payment, one for 952.00 and on for 1452.00. I was told the transactions were flagged and the money did not go to him but the money was withdrawen from my checking account via credit card and bank transfer. Emailed me an paperwork to sign and mail back, said they would clear up the problem within 10 days or sooner. The sooner I mailed the paperwork the better. Said they could not stop the transactions from coming out of my checking account.

11/22/2004 – disputed cc charge with my bank. Mailed paper work that morning.

11/24/2004 – Bank transfer bounced no money sent.

11/26/2004 – bank reversed CC charge and sent paer work for me to sign.

11/27/2004 – checked back with paypal. Stated they had not recieved paperwork yet. Nothing they could do. But should be handled 1 day afetr recieving paperwork.

11/29/2004 – resummitted the transfer and when through causing a neg balance in my account.

12/1/2004 – called paypal, said they recieved paperwork on 11/29/2004 but had till 12/3 to resolve and it would definitely be done by then.

12/4/2004 – Nothing done.

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