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How True It Is

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Many people now fear that there is a conspiracy theory developing amongst them and that same fear keeps them placated to the fact that their money is being taken advantige of……….

I am a 24 year old business owner that for the last month has had my support for my family in tangles. Literally thousands of dollars were held,frozen,”limited”,due to the fact that 1 complaint from an unworthy source gave them the right to hold everything that I had become known to be “MY” oppertunity!

I can see how a snowball effect would be prosperous to the one at the top that is in controll of all the “money on paper.” If you still question that quote I’ll explain… If I were to sell you 5 diamond rings for 5 thousand dollars each I would have 25 thousand dollars. If I never sent the 5 rings to you then you would complain, justifibly so. By this time I’m 25 Grand richer you (the consumer) have nothing… witch is a problem.I’m the number one advocate for fair business. Ripping people off doesent promote a prosperous outlook. It’s wrong! I wouldent do it so therefore I wouldn’t want it done to me.


If I sold the 5 rings for 6 thousand each I can pay off my debt. Instead I’m 5 richer the so…In the meantime paypal gets their % of your $ and you sat at home. So tell me where their protection is? A system that loose is meant to fall. This thought was just the thought of an angry night with paypal….

Take Heed.. Please!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm


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One thought on “How True It Is
  1. ReneAlves on

    So bascially accepting credit cards through paypal is just a scam? I feel like you can trust anyone anymore, I miss the good ol’ days of C-A-S-H