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I Have A Real Bad Taste In My Mouth Dealing With PayPal

By Trent Huddlestun

I sold 54 items from ebay in about a 2 month period… about $8,500.00 worth of Dinar.

Everything was going smooth… I even paid all of my fees for PayPal (since they take it away automaticaly) with is no problem. I used paypal to send eBay their fees also.

I had 10 items on ebay going with the payment by PayPal… I had someone who bought 7 items for about $2,000.00 that thats where the problems begain…

I got an email from PayPal that they were “concerned that I received unauthorized funds to my account” so guess what happend…

1. They held the money that I got for the auction… which I can understand that..

2. Once they were done with their so called investigation about 3 days later it turns out that the buyer just needed to update his phone number…

3. Now they want to verify my information… which would be great if I was in America… but I am in the military in Iraq… and it will be a month before I get this darn letter that they sent me and I will never be able to accept a phone call from them. Oh yes… also you are correct about the phone number… it never works.. and I just get a message to call a 888 number that would be nice to do… but I CANNOT CALL 888 numbers because one again I am in Iraq.

So bottom line I can understand security but their customer service sucks with a capital “S”. Its been 7 days now and I have not got 1 email back from them…. I have money being held, cannot accept payments for auctions that are listed, etc…

I am looking for an alternative way to PayPal and will NEVER use it again.


Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:15 am


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