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I Lost Two Monitors And Shipping

By Mike

I am a paypal user (over 1000) since 1999. Never had a problem until an Ebay maniac customer told them that he did not like his $ 9.99 monitor. I did get a few emails from paypal but I get so many scam paypal emails every day that I assumed that was what they were. I was wrong. My account has been limited(I had already sent the customer another monitor) but it doesent matter, as they have already given him his money back.


*I lose Two monitors and shipping.
*The maniac ebay customer gets two monitors AND his money back.
*I get my paypal account frozen and look like a deadbeat to the other customers who are trying to pay me !

I also get to use my valuable business time to deal with this B.S.

Pretty neat Huh?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:40 am


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