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I Was PayPal Scammed

By Robert

I have recently been a victim of “paypal.” We shipped an order from the U.S. to Austraila. The customer filed a “non-reciept” while the package was in transit. They received the item (in a timely manner), and they left us feedback stating that they had received this item. But “paypal” processed their refund anyway – and will not even acknowledge that they (the customer) had received the item. My guess is that paypal kept the refund for themselves. The worst part is that the put a “limited access’ on our account, and now we have no way of getting to our funds or conducting regular business. I’m just glad that after the oct 2004 outage. We got in the habit of keeping less than 100.00 in the account. Still after years of being a customer of paypal and having 4200+ feedback on ebay, you’d think we’d get a little respect from paypal. But they have no respect for their regular customers.

Good luck all!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:10 pm


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