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I Was Scammed

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

I recently sold a gamecube on Ebay and the highest bidder was from out of the country. I have had many international bidders before and have not put too much concern into it. If their money clears and is good then its no problem.

With this particular auction I felt a little concerned about the funds and have heard about possible chargebacks after items were sent, so I called Paypal to verify my security on this situation. I talked with a representative about the situation and they assured me that once the money was cleared into my account that the buyer couldn’t charge back the purchase.

I called in twice and asked the same questions but the second time I was in more detail with the questions. This time I was put through to someone higher up that assured that the money was safe in my account and could not be removed. They failed to tell me that they would just put my account at a negative balance and I would have to be the one to take the money out of bank account.

I waited to send the item until the money cleared to my account, like I was instructed. This had been around 5 days since I received the money and since it had cleared and I had not received any warnings I went ahead and sent the item. Everything appeared legitimate, and I didn’t want to make the buyer wait excessively long.

The next day after sending the item my paypal account balance was at a negative amount, so I called in and it appears that the buyer used someone else’s account to pay for the auction. I figured “no problem” I called in before and got advice and I’m safe…right? Nope…, I now would have 7 days to restore my account or they would turn me over to collections.

I could think of a few colorful adjectives to describe the “joy” that I was feeling. So in other words there were three people involved in the transaction: the scammer, the irresponsible paypal customer, and myself. The person’s account from whom I was paid for the auction probably responded to a spoof email or lacked proper internet security software or is just dumb.

So the only honest and responsible. person in the whole transaction has to pay for everything. Why didn’t the person didn’t protect their account information have to pay? WTF?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:37 am


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