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I’m Now In Debt

By Ndifungie

I recently made a purchase of $113.50 through Paypal using a new card I was adding to my account. I received an email confirming the payment was paid out. Right after that I received another email stating that they could not add my card to my profile because the address was wrong and I had to verify it again. I prompted the address and still got the same message of denial. I then ignored the transaction and opted to send the seller a money order instead. At the time my profile on Paylpal said that I still had to make the payment and it wasn’t made out yet.

My bank then tells me that I over-drew my account with the amount you debited from my account which was not supposed to go through. They also charged me $1.95 for overuse charges. That was a second charge by  paypal to my already overdrawn account. I have to pay excess charges of $60 as a result of this. Isn’t it Paypal’s responsibility to notify me that the payment was going through even though the billing address was wrong? I thought we prompted our billing address to protect us from fraud,according to the email they sent when they were saying my address was wrong, so if Paypal operates without the billing address, are they still keeping their promise of protecting us from fraud?

Should I be responsible for these payments which have been due to me as a result of this? I am a poor student and I do not have the money to pay the bank back the money debited from my account and of the overdraft charges of their two transactions.It will take 2 weeks for paypal to refund the money into my account. I do not have any right now and by the time the money is in my account I will be $300 in debt. Now they refuse responsibility and state that it is my problem. Thank you Paypal!!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:44 am


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