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Internet Fraud On Credit Card

By Gerald Purvis

I had a notice to update my Paypal account asap so I called the phone number supplied and updated it over the phone and they cleared my account as I saw it on line.

Today I recieved a message that there was a charge from Western Union of $1067.00 charge to my Bank of America card of which I have never done.

After I called and reported it I called Bank of america and reported it them and found out that about $3000.00 more dollars wa charged to this same card. I have never given out the card numbers to anyone except this person from Pay Pal along with the number on the back.. Please let me know what to do as I still want to use Pay Pal but not in this manner.. The card has been stopped and a police report made out and Ihope they catch these dirty rotten people.. Thanks!! Gerald Purvis

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:13 am


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