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It Took A Year Or More To Get Money In My Account

By Michael

Right around this time last year was the last time I was able to get into my paypal account. I was told someone fraudulantly charged something to my account. They put a lock on my account so they could investigate it. I called periodically to see how the investigation was coming along. I was kind of getting the runaround.

Then they started after around 6 months time tell me that I have to go in and change my password. I tried to get into my account and still could not get into it. At this time I have payments coming in regularly to my paypal account as I thought anytime it will get cleared up. I would get on the phone with them having to wait on hold sometimes as much as 45 min. just to get to talk to someone. They would say we will email you within the next 36 hours, but it would never show up.

Still having a life I sometimes would not get home in time to call them and I gave up trying to do this by email as it didn’t work anyway. I started calling every other week and would keep getting some excuse and the money will be transfered to your bank account within the next 10 days. I believed that once. 3 weeks ago they finally had me open a 2nd account so it could be transfered to it. I have been on the phone holding do to a UNUSUAL HIGH CALL VOLUME.

Well it is always a high call volume, they just need to get a couple more operators. As of this week I have been on the phone with paypal 6 hours. Today after all this time I was able to get the money transfered to a new account, now I was able to only get a part of my money transfered to my own bank account because they only allow a transfer of a certain amount per month.

The final word is that they did nothing until I said I was going to get a lawyer to get my money out on Fri. and by Mon. I have been able to do something with my money after a year. I would no longer recomend paypal as I used to always did. I say get some other company and forget paypal. Paypal before ebay seem to be really good but since ebay bought paypal they are a BAD COMPANY. Mike

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:14 am


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