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Jerked My Refunds

By J. Geiler

So much to listening to the advice of Paypal. I followed the letter to clear a complaint about a faulty hardrive when instructed to return the item.  I even called them to show them that the item was in hands of UPS and to confirm the tracking.

This took me three attempts through their forms system. When I returned from helping delivar items to Katrina victems I found that the case had been closed.

Thinking I could use those funds to help others I went to my balance which was a FLAT zero. On doing some checking I noticed that they closed the account

They said they  had the wrong tracking information. But when I called the rep couldnt see what the confusion

Employee 7209 (so he said was his ID) Dustin said there was nothing he could do about it they felt that it had been long enough and the item had not been returned.

Its still with UPS who wants to resolve where the party was. I used the Suite provided by Paypal and a CORRECT tracking number.  They cant give my money back and the seller can’t be found.

Feel free to email me advise or to comerserate each others bad experiencemgeiler63670@yahoo.com

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:12 pm


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