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Limited Account

By Josh

Paypal has limited my account and frozen my $600 because they “linked” me to a suspended account. Even though I had nothing to do with this account, my money is stuck for at least 6 months. The customer service people hand me off to the next department and finally direct me to sending email to appeals@paypal.com. I followed instructions but my response was an instant automated form email. Warning! Warning! They will not direct you to the policies you’ve violated and will not even respond to your appeal. They may go bankrupt at any time, so even if you’re not having problems with paypal, GET OUT NOW!!! Erase all personal information and close your account. They are not responsible for your money nor do they care. This is not a legit buisness. BOYCOT!!! and Tell everyone you know to do the same. Keep ecommerce pure by not including paypal.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:24 am


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