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Losing Business To Paypal

By Nick

Yes I am sure we are all here for the same purpose. I am here to tell you all they got me as well.

I had a great business until a client I had reported me as a fraud. I have been in business for two years until this happened. The upsetting part about it was that Paypal forced him to make a fraud complaint because there was no other way to get his money at the time other then to report me as such.

They never asked him if he contacted me prior to the report. Once that happened I figured no big deal I can prove I am not a fraud. So I send them all my information about 20 Times (Yes 20 times). How many times does it take to verify someone?

As soon as I was going to refund the money Paypal froze the account causing more complaints because I couldn’t get money back and forth for business. The also froze clients accounts as well as my dealers account. What kind of crap do these people run?

I even sent them the emails between me and the client as proof that he was the fraud but Paypal wouldn’t listen and even to this day my account is frozen and are still requesting funds that have been paid over a year ago. It even shows refunded on the transaction history.

Overall I think Paypal is an over rated piece of S#!+.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:30 am


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