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Malicious Prosecution

By William E. Giles

Twice Paypal has illegally raided my account and taken a total of $784.83 without investigation, notice or explanation even though response is required by federal law. They locked my account, threatened to sue me and ruin my credit. I was told by email that it was illegal to sue them because this would violate the “user agreement” which has already been ruled illegal by federal court as denial of due process and the right to be heard. Later they offered to settle the dispute for half when I told them I was filing a criminal complaint. This was an admission of liability even though they deny it. My account was locked without due process. I was told that if I prevailed in court that they would use my credit card to pay the judgement so the net affect would be that I would get nothing. This is a threatened felony in response to my legitamate request for documentation. Now they have sent my account to a collection agency in Maryland in one last effort to shut me up because they have no chance in court. They are in violation of numerous statutes, state and federal, including the EFTA, electronic funds transfer act. Know a good lawyer?

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:29 am


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