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The Moment I started Selling I ran in to Trouble with PayPal

I have had PayPal for almost 10 years to pay for purchases on eBay. I’ve never had an issue doing that. The moment I decided to start selling items in an effort to have as much money as possible so I can furnish and outfit a home I plan to close on 9/30/2012… I ran into trouble with them that I am still seeking to resolve. on July 6th, I received a payment in the amount of $4,400 for a sale of 85 items (genuine, shrinkwrapped software that I never used), the buyer has since received those items, was very happy, left positive feedback, and about a month later… my account is still “limited” with that payment being “held”. I did everything they asked me to do and they have yet to release my funds. They are claiming that they are unable to read the invoice I sent them….. Really? I can see it just fine and if you are having a problem reading it, you can increase the size of the document while viewing it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I even suggested that over the phone.
I do not have any confidence that if I resend those documents in a different format that they are going to release the funds. The problem I am having is that, outside of the fees I owe them to complete the transaction, the rest of the money does not belong to them and I feel they have stolen my money. I absolutely NEED this money so I can buy furniture, flooring, and paint. It was hard enough to save up the money for the down payment from my paychecks. I am so upset, I could cry…. I did nothing wrong. I sold to a customer, the customer received their item, they left positive feedback, and I still have no money……Paypal doesn’t even follow their own policy.

Posted: August 8, 2012 at 4:15 pm


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6 thoughts on “The Moment I started Selling I ran in to Trouble with PayPal
  1. Syl on

    I have only used paypal in Buying Products.
    I will NEVER USE it in Selling ANYTHING!!
    WAY to many Nightmare stories for sellers !!!

  2. Shelley Bassett on

    I have been through what you went through . Paypal held over 30,000 of my money and froze my account for 6 months, so they thought they would. I didnt sit around and wait for them to release my money in 6 months. I took action and in 4 weeks my money was released. You need to contact the BBB in California as well as the state you live in. You also need to contact your state senate , Attorney general and congress. All of this has helped me in the past. They will contact paypal within a few weeks. I now have my own merchant account and the money goes directly in to my checking account. I will admit, my sales went way down without the use of paypal but hey, im still making money. People who use Paypal are brainwashed and truly believe that its the safer way to pay and they dont want to pay any other way because they dont want to give out their credit card number. We the people who have our own merchant account do not see any of their personal info but again, people are sticking to Paypal until they get screwed over like i did . If you need more help than please send me an email so i can try and help you get your money back as soon as possible. Dont bother sending them documents they request. All they does is delay the process. Its a game they play but I WON!! To anyone out there reading this…DONT EVER LEAVE NO MORE THAN 400.00 IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. A huge mistake i made because i” TRUSTED THEM” They make off the interest if you have a large amount in there.

  3. Moriah on

    This is the exact reason I will never sell using paypal. For the simple fact that I have read too many horror stories. Most likely what they are going to do it hold your money for 180 days. And then just hope and pray they release it.

  4. kesarkuch on

    The actull thing paypal is doing they just look through people account to find money and if they find them with money most likely thell lock it like they did to me when i was just shopping.

    • kesarkuch on

      And i had only a little money

  5. John Wayne on

    Paypal burned my personal account. THen they burned my business. The only way to get these crooks to pay back the money is to sue in small claims. I encourage everybody to sue these thieves and get their money back.