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Money Back Guarantee

By Darryl

Recently I won an auction and while in the payment process thru PayPal, selected the “Money Back Guarantee” option,with the expressed understanding that if for any reason I was not satisfied with the item, I would return the item to PayPal and be refunded.

Had an issue with the seller, tried to resolve but to no avail. The person is of oriental decent, and has a very poor comand of the English Language along with an even poorer understanding of fairness.

I contacted PayPal to take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee after all resolution attempts with a seller had failed.

After one dozen or so phone calls, and numerous attempts to fill out the MBG form, with no success,(actually, I never say the form)I finally decided to institute my own Money Back Guarantee with my Bank. I filled a stop payment on the transaction and my bank immediately transfered the disputed amount back into my bank account and flagged PayPal access as unauthorized.

Received several Emails from PayPal stating that my PayPal account now had limited access. Big Whoopee! I didn’t have any money in it so they can limit it all they want. The only difference is that now I can select other methods of payment.

I am now satisfied that I successfully defanged the money grubbing snake known by all as “PayPal” as they now have absolutely no access to my bank account, nor will they ever have.

This is the second time they tried to screw me around on the Money Back Guarantee but like the first time, my own personal money back guarantee prevailed.

I hope this will prove helpful to other buyers and or sellers. Many are under the assumption that you cannot file a stop payment relating to use of a debit card as payment. I have stopped two payment’s (including shipping charges) to PayPal, one with my MasterCard credit card and the other with my bank debit card.

It can be done.



Posted: April 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm


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3 thoughts on “Money Back Guarantee
  1. Brooklyn Marie on

    wow it looks like shopping with paypal is no easier than selling with paypal. I think that money back program is a load of shit anyways, most scammers that I’ve encountered would just take advantage of that to rip the seller off.

  2. Sunny Shades 430 on

    I’m glad you got one over on them, too many people don’t. I personally stopped selling and shopping with paypal. I actually convinced a guy who was selling on ebay to open a merchant account after telling him my horror story as a seller. It turns out it wasn’t the first time he heard of their bad business practices. I have a feeling that they will eventually go down. All “good” things must come to an end and their glory days are numbered.

  3. Paul Dustman on

    Made a purchase through PayPal/Bill Me Later from Ebay. Ebay’s Money Back runs you around in circles, so does Paypal, (owned by Ebay). Resolution is left to Law Suit by the buyer. No skin off Ebay’s Nose.