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My Account Is Restricted

By Cindy Brown

In Nov. of 2002 (maybe 2003), I sold a doll on ebay for $1000.00 to a lady in Japan.  This woman emailed me – she wanted no extras on the shipping, no insurance, and no feedback on the transaction.  I mailed the doll the next day (11-28) that the post office was opened…Air Post (takes 4-7 days for deilvery), with no extras as she requested, although I didn’t lie on the customs forms as she asked so she could get out of paying the import tariff.  On day 8 she filed a complaint through Paypal claiming she never rec’d the doll.  They took the money from my account leaving 891.00 in the hole.  I paid for a mediator through square trade to no avail and Paypal did their “investigation” which ended in her favor.

So we simply quit using this account which was in my husbands name.  I opened an account in my name and used it with no problems – until I started making some money at least. I had 350.00 in my account when I logged on last week to find it was limited.  I did their stupid telephone verification and passed it.  I had 27 packages to mail and all the money was in paypal, I had another 400.00+ in unpaid items that people wanted to pay using paypal.  So I told them, send it to my brother’s account he lives in the next town and I will just get it from him.  The next thing I know, people are emailing me saying his account doesn’t work either.  I looked at his and it is limited also – because my husbands is negative, they have frozen my account and my brothers account (he had money in his as well).

Now they continue to attempt to send charges through to my bank account (I have emptied it) which is resulting in now over 200.00 in nsf fees – even though there is sufficient cash in paypal.  I want my account and my brothers released, them I am going to sue for all the nsf fees on my account, the people that backed out because I don’t take paypal, the doll on my husbands account plus the money that was in there when they took that out, and punitive damages on that account as well. Even after 2 or 3 years, I have all the paperwork from the Japanese lady’s transaction PLUS 102 emails from her.

I have recently found that she did the exact – word for word – scam to another lady on ebay.  I’m getting in contact with the seller there also.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:36 am


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