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My PayPal Nightmare

By Mary

I am writing to you about my nightmare, for the last three weeks, with PayPal.  My sin was that I forgot my password for an account I opened with them four years ago.  Since then I moved and I have a new address. PayPal jumped on that to deny me payment of merchandise that were sold on ebay and were sent to the buyers.  It took a week to find why I am not paid. Then started the hassle to get the account closed.  They requested that I send my picture, bank statement with my old address, bank statement with my new address and their own form to be completed.

Just to get to that step it took another week calling long distance to be put on hold and after hours at a time to be disconnected.  Then, I sent the faxes three times.  Inquiring about their receipt I was told they never got any.  I had to sent a copy of the fax by e-mail to them and to e_bay (who by the way are their accomplice and should also be investigated for their dishonorable practice) to prove that I send using the right fax number.  It was all part of the scheme of throwing me in loops to forget about my money. They asked me to call to settle my case after I threatened them with a lawsuit.  But that never happened.

PayPal confiscated my money.  I asked for a check and was denied. They compromised my identity by putting sensitive information about me via e-mails.

I am so fed up with the deceit, the lies, the tricks they are using to rob me of my money.  I cannot believe that is happening in America.  Not even a third World country would allow such a scum company to thrive.

I would like to know if there is a new lawsuit that I could be part of?  I spent so much money already just trying to get my money from those thieves.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 7:34 am


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