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No Explanation What So Ever…?

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Yes, I too have been taken by PayPal…they say they need Account Verification updates. I followed these steps and was abandonned. I called…they hung up. A total of $1200 dollars is stuck in my account and I want to know if I will EVER see it back again. According to them, all I need was to fax documentation of my 4 sales (which is all I’ve ever handled in) on PayPal and enter the Expanded Enrollemnt Number. This didn’t change a bit. Phone calls hours long with the same story over and over….”uhhh…we’ll check into that”. Gee, thanks…however, did you REALLY check into that?

I just dont know what to do!

PayPal, please just listen!

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:27 am


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