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No More PayPal

By Renae

I am a seller on EBAY with 100% positive feedback.

I work hard to provide an honest place for others to by my goods. I have accepted paypal up until recently without any problems but on one day last month I had 5 transactions go through with prompt payment from my buyers. Only 1 went through the others were marked as pending to my “correct” email but paypal never acknowledged this and was marked as unpaid.

I emailed and emailed I talked to paypals customers service who reminds me of that capital one commercial where he says no-nadda to everything through customer service. They wouldnt even help me go through the account to find out what was going on. I must of done something terrible for they make no errors. jerks!

The buyers were so nice, they did everything correct so I mailed their items in hopes this would be rectified. I have serious doubts it ever will. I have continued to list with ebay but no longer will accept paypal as payment. I plan to file a complaint but after coming to this site I am saddened to read I may never see those funds. I do plan on placing a link on my web site to this one to be aware of their practices.

Thank you for this resource.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 6:15 am


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