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Out Of Date Lawsuit

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Out of date Lawsuit Story

I find this site to be interesting in the least. At most, many disgruntled people. I’ve personally been doing business with PayPal for over three years. At first, it was difficult to get help or service during the first few months I was signed up with them. However, since they were bought out in October of 2002 by eBay, a lot has changed there. I would not hesitate to do business with them now.

I’ve had issues with customers, I’ve had issues with transactions, I’ve had issues with phishing scams via email. All of these issues have been addressed extremely well by the people over at PayPal. They have been courteous, helpful, and very quick to respond to any issue I raise with them.

Perhaps all they needed was to be taken over by eBay, what ever the reason, they are a good company to work with. As to your posted Lawsuit? Its a bit out of date don’t you think? Isn’t it time to remove it and update the truth about PayPal? That is, if your into the truth. If not, then I don’t expect this post will be available here for readers either.

Otherwise, all you’ve got here is a collection of out-date stories used simply to get people to sign up for the online pay system your spouting. I’ve looked through most of these posts and most of them appear to be legitimate complaints, but then a large sampling also appear to be just whining too.

Do you have what it takes to allow comments on both sides of the PayPal issue? Or is your site simply devoted to negative campaigning?

It will be interesting to see…

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:18 am


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One thought on “Out Of Date Lawsuit
  1. davis braun on

    Explain how it makes sence for Ebay (paypal) to hold (TAKE) the GROSS amount from your account during a buyers “claim”, when the NET amount is all you are responsible for since paypal and ebay already took there nice fat cut. Explain this to paypal and ebay , and im told, ” don’t worry, you will have all of your money when the claim is done.” ” you won’t loose any money, it will be refunded” It’s like abbot and Costello (WHO’S ON FIRST) my point is !!! STOP STEALING EVERYONES MONEY, EVEN IF IT’S ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS!!! This activity is criminal and pretending they dont understand my point is just insulting. I have the stupid lame paypal and ebay staff at a loss for words and putting there feet in there mouths, going back on what they just said. But what can I do? I’m looking to dump them and ebay and start a web site to sell on. I hope more people figure out a way to avoid the 2 giant criminals, EBAY AND PAYPAL.