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Pay Pal Account Permanently Blocked

By Haris

I purchased an item on e-bay and paid using PayPal.

They withdrew the amount from my checking account. Next day, they withdrew the same amount again.

I was not able to quickly contact them and I stopped the second withdrawal calling my bank.

The third day they charge my credit card account I provided during registration. They state on their policy they use this just to verify address not to make actual charges (which are supposed to be from checking account).

I tried to contact them unsuccessfully and ended up calling the credit card company to stop the transaction.
They lock my account.
I complain to BBB.

PayPall sends me letter telling me they had not done anything incorrectly. They ask me to jump thru loops to unlock my account. I would not provide them with the last bank statement because it is not their business to see my account history. They tell me that I have to wait 6 months and will get my account unlocked.

So I have waited for 6 months and tried to log in today. I got infamous message “Account permanently blocked”. I guess I am lucky because they were not able to rob me and PayPal account is with $0.00 balance.

I am in e-business and I am going to recommend any prospect customer not to use their services.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:47 am


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One thought on “Pay Pal Account Permanently Blocked
  1. mr s on

    PayPal are the biggest con artists on this planet they have messed up all my accounts 3 times in the last 5 years everytime there’s a movement all legit they start with their tricks talking a load of sht and confusing buyers and sellers accounts leaving them unable to function and they only send shtty automated mails and never ever actually find you help they just start requesting a number of different things it changes so much what they want is pointless they just want to be nosey and know who’s making what as soon as you start to flow baaaaam they hit u up like a drive by in the middle of l.a your just left all confused and not knowing what to do and guess what that’s their only main intention complete set of 100% bstereds