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Pay Pal, How Could This Happen?

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Have you ever heard of anything like this in regard to Pay Pal? I would be interested to know. It is really unbelievable! You couldn’t make up something like this no matter how hard you try.

Here is a situation:

I did not find anything like it in reading through all the different horror stories. I do not have an account with Pay Pal.

I had never heard of them before today. Yet I had two transactions totaling $749.00 posted to my checking account. I don’t go in to the internet that often to review my account via on line banking. I just happened to look this morning and saw two odd looking debits under pending transactions. Thank goodness.

I called my bank’s customer service department. My bank saw the funds were sent either to, or, for a merchant through someone called Pay Pal. They couldn’t determine. They said to try calling Pay Pal first. Then go down to my bank and consider setting up a new checking account. Close out the old one. At least go over the situation with someone from Bank of America in person.

Fortunately my bank was open until 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve. So, first I called Pay Pal, explained the situation. They have promised me to reverse the charges and credit my account. Immediately. Then I went to my bank,Bank of America. They told me if the transactions are not credited back to my checking account by Pay Pal on Monday, December 27, they (Bank of America) will do it.

I have had to set up an additional checking account, just in case things get goofy. I may have to close out the old one. My bank said we both should monitor things before doing that. Bank of America was terrific.

Anyway, I never spent a Christmas Eve like this before.

Thank you,

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 5:47 am


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